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Principal's Welcome

As principal of St. Senan’s Primary School, it is my great privilege to welcome you to our school website! I hope you enjoy browsing the site, finding out lots of information about our school and getting a real sense of the richness and diversity of school life here!

Developing the whole child in a safe, nurturing and happy environment while delivering a broad and balanced curriculum is of huge importance to us and underpins our work with your child in St. Senan’s P.S. We strive to create a collaborative culture of teaching and learning where every child can reach their full potential and aspire to achieve their optimum level.

St. Senan’s P.S. has a vibrant school community where all of the stakeholders: staff, parents, pupils, management and the community, are involved in making our school a great place for children to develop, flourish and grow.

Welcome to our school!

Ms. Fiona Wickham

Whole School Nurturing Approach to Learning

St Senan’s PS is a Restorative Practice School.

Restorative Practice is an evidence based approach that helps develop and sustain strong and happy organisations and communities, by actively developing good relationships, preventing escalation of conflict and handling conflict in a creative and healthy manner.

We seek to empower children to resolve potential conflict. We seek to repair relationships which have been damaged.

We aim to do this by ensuring Belonging, Social Engagement and Accountability.

We opened our DEN (developing educational nurture) in September 2018.

Over the coming years, we are working towards developing a whole school nurturing approach to learning to underpin the values in our mission statement.

St. Senan’s Mission Statement

St. Senan’s Primary school is a Catholic primary school which welcomes children of all religions and nationalities. 

In our school, we believe that nurturing care is essential for child development. It lays the foundation for life-long health, wellbeing, academic achievement and success.

We achieve this through:

  1. Ensuring all our pupils have access to an education that takes full account of their social, emotional and academic needs, which celebrates who they are and supports them to flourish.
  2. Creating a warm, welcoming, safe and inspiring environment for all supported by a respectful, inclusive community where everyone can learn, achieve and reach their full potential together.
  3. Fostering positive inclusive, respectful relationships across the school community, including learners, staff, parents/guardians, that support learning and wellbeing.
  4. Upholding the Catholic ethos of the school.

We are committed to building success for all our learners, promoting a high sense of pride in their heritage and identity as citizens.

  • Learning and achievement is enhanced through meeting social, emotional, and cognitive needs.
  • How we communicate impacts on mental health, learning and achievement.
  • Nurture cultures promote reflective practices.
  • Self-esteem and a sense of identity are key to positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Feeling emotionally safe is essential for mental health, learning and achievement.
  • Celebration of diversity enriches the community and enhances learning.

As a DEIS Band 1 school, we have access to programmes such as Reading Recovery, Maths Recovery, School Completion Programme and continue to enjoy support from Home School Community Liaison Programme. These programmes support the primary school curriculum and give the children every opportunity for success. 

Please see our most recent School Inspection Report on our Planning and Implementation of DEIS strategies on education.ie.