Classes 2024

We have been busy this year across the school. Here are some of the wonderful activities from our school community.

Junior Infants A

Junior Infants A are having a great year in school. We enjoy to play, and we love Aistear time when we get to explore small world, sand, water, role play, art, construction and so much more. We are a very busy and creative class and we love to take time on our creations.

We love coming to school to see our friends and teachers. We like playing on the yard and in the playground and we really like story time. We are all friends and we use kind hands and feet in school. We are great at our Maths and Literacy activities. We have been so busy learning our numbers and letters, and we are excited to begin to read books.

Classes 2023

Junior Infants A

Junior Infants A are having a wonderful year. We love to play, especially at Aistear time when we get to explore small world, sand, water, role play, art, construction and so much more. We are a very creative bunch and we love to take time on our creations.

We really enjoy coming to school. We like playing on the yard and in the playground and we really enjoy story time. We are all good friends and we use kind hand and feet with one another. We are great at our Maths and Literacy activities. We have been so busy learning our numbers and letters, and soon we will begin to read books.

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Senior Infants

Senior Infants A&B have enjoyed exploring the stories of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. They re-created characters from the story during Aistear in the Art & Craft and Playdoh Areas. They have enjoyed exploring the topic of length through active, hands-on lessons. Senior Infants C set up their own restaurant, built creative restaurants and printed using fruit and vegetables. They also grew cress plants and wrote some instructions for planting cress.

Senior Infants, inspired by a word, dressed up for World Book Day. The 3 classes enjoyed Cluichí sa Halla during Lá Glas. They have also been showing off their dance moves with Anne-Marie during dance lessons. Senior Infants are looking forward to GAA coaching after Easter 

2A and 2B

2A and 2B moved to the lovely portacabin village this year and love it. Everything is so shiny and new! Aswell as doing lots of hard work in second class, the children have been having great fun dressing up for various themed days. They dressed up as all things spooky and nice for Hallowe'en. They wore Christmas jumpers and accessories on the day of The Late Late Toy Show which also coincided with our sponsored walk. World Book Day provided another opportunity for the children to get creative with costumes and the teachers joined in the fun! Then they had Lá Glas and so the school turned 40 shades of green for the day.

Third Class A

3A have been very busy over the past few months. We have been learning the ukulele and are slowly building a collection of tunes we can play.

We visited Enniscorthy library recently and got a tour of it. We borrowed books to read over the next while and were treated to a story time session while there.

Our most exciting news is that we have been hatching chickens in our classroom. We need to take great care of the eggs. It takes just 21 days for a chick to develop. We have kept a close eye on their development by ‘candling’ the eggs. We have constructed chicken coops and chickens in Art. The chicks are so fluffy and soft. We will miss them when they return to the farm!


News from The DEN

We have been very busy this Spring in the DEN. We have been learning lots about The Zones of Regulation. We really enjoyed making and flipping pancakes. Much love went into beautiful Valentines Cards we sent to the residents of Castle Garden Nursing Home. We were also delighted to see our daffodils bloom again and added some pretty primroses to brighten up our flower bed.  In the next term we hope to see our French beans, peas and herbs grow and look forward to cooking with them.

A big highlight for all was when ‘Nutmeg’ the rabbit came to visit the DEN for a day. She was so soft and furry and loved all the cuddles.


Term 2 has been a busy one for 4A. We have really enjoyed learning about different countries such as Kenya. We found the Maasai tribe and their love of music and dance particularly interesting. We learned and performed An Haka Gaelach during Seachtain na Gaeilge and believe we could intimidate the All Blacks with it! Olympic Handball has become our new favourite sport and we’ve been fine tuning our throwing and catching skills. We ended this term with a surprise trip to the library where we got to meet a famous author and show off how imaginative we can be.

Fourth Class B

4B have been having a fantastic time and learning loads down here in the Portacabin village. We are very lucky to have our new portacabins. They are so spacious and bright and are really warm!

Last week we paid a visit to Enniscorthy library to attend a creative writing workshop with local children’s author, Caroline Busher.

We love our reading in 4th class and so far this year we have read Roald Dahls ‘The Twits’ and ‘Fing’ by David Walliams. At the moment we are reading ‘Bad Dad’.

4B are learning about Procedural writing and have written lots of procedures over the past few months. We’ve designed and created our very own board games and have written instructions on how to play them. We also made elastic propelled rockets in Science.

We have had many dress up days this year and we really enjoyed dressing up at Halloween and for World Book Day.

In fourth class we have learned to play Olympic Handball. It’s a bit like basketball but without bouncing the ball and you have to throw the ball into the goal.

AS Class

What a great year we’ve had so far in ASC! We have been learning lots both inside and outside the classroom. In October we took a nature trip to Ballycross Apple farm. We visit our local shop and café on social outings and love taking daily walks around our local area.

We are super artists and have enjoyed creating lots of fantastic artwork including snow globes, 3D solar system and spring flowers to name a few. We have also started baking and are really enjoying making tasty treats!

In our daily stations we work on our numeracy, literacy and also study different topics in SESE. So far this year we have researched projects on Egypt, local sports stars, our favourite countries, space and most recently our very own Vinegar Hill.

In March, three of our classmates made their Confirmation, we were all so proud!

We are now looking forward to the last term and all the fun we will have together.

AS Class B

We have had a fantastic year in AS Class B! In October, we enjoyed a trip to Ballycross Apple Farm to visit their witches’ village and pumpkin patch. It was a fun-filled day! We celebrated science week in November by trying out lots of different experiments. We are enthusiastic scientists in this class! In December, we created lots of colourful Christmas art, joined our mainstream classes to sing carols and had so much fun trying to guess what teacher or SNA the mischievous elf was! We also enjoyed a jam-packed day in Leisure Max; we played in their huge soft play area, got competitive in a game of bowling and relaxed in their Lego club area.

When we returned after Christmas break, we began taking weekly trips to our local shop. We really enjoy getting out for a walk and seeing the friendly faces in the shop. We learned all about St Brigid’s Day and created some beautiful Valentine’s Art in February. In March, we had a lot of fun celebrating St Patrick’s Day and are ending this term with a trip to Blackwater Open Farm.

Fifth Class A

We here in 5A have had a very busy and enjoyable year so far. We have been learning a lot in the classroom and outside the classroom also. We have been working extremely hard in all curricular areas.

The children really enjoy SESE topics and love to carry out research independently! We have done lots of projects and some of our favourites were world cup countries, famous scientists and most recently an inspirational woman of our choosing! We have done many science experiments this year but making Drawbots was one of our favourites!

We are very creative in 5A and have done many different art strands from drawing, construction and painting to name a few. The highlight of art was most definitely our famine houses and Christmas foxes and most recently our funky Easter bunnies.

During world book day, we read with JIA and it was really enjoyable. It was lovely to read with junior infants and everyone loved it. We are looking forward to the next time we read with them.

For Seachtain na Gaeilge, we looked after two stations for our game’s day- Musical Chairs & Lá Fhéile Phádraig Bingo. We loved it and everyone had a great day.

We are looking forward to the last few months in 5A and all the exciting projects we will be doing and memories we will be creating. 

Fifth Class B 

We have had a great year in 5B so far.   

We took part in swimming lessons at the start of the school year and we also did rugby, GAA, volleyball and boot camp. We are currently doing dance lessons, this is great fun and we have learned so many new skills from all the coaches. We also make the most of the playground when we have good weather.   

5th class can be challenging but we have worked so hard in all our subjects so far this year. We have enjoyed reading our novels ‘Under the Hawthorn Tree’ and ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ which we are currently reading. We worked on recount and explanation writing and we each researched and reported on an animal of interest to us, explaining all about that animal and their life cycle. We loved sharing the information we found with each other.   

During SESE, we have covered many interesting topics including The Famine, earthquakes, Anne Frank and many more. When we were learning about Anne Frank, we looked into the Holocaust and we planted crocuses to remember all the people who lost their lives during this time. 

Over the last few weeks we have been making Mother’s Day gifts and Easter baskets, we really enjoyed this and loved showing our creative sides. We also took part in a number of zoom webinars and we created some cool drawings of Paddington Bear, Dracula and Snoopy. 

We look forward to the rest of our year in 5B, we are getting excited about our school tour to Let’s Go!’ and we are very excited to be going into our final year of primary school. 

Fifth Class C

We have been very busy learning and having lots of fun in 5C!

We have learned about so many interesting topics this year; The Explorers, Volcanoes,  the physical Geography of Ireland, Animals & Plants and The Great Irish Famine. Every child in 5C has used their incredible writing, research, drawing and creative skills to design their very own class project.

So far, our writing genres have been Recount and Explanation Writing. All the children have created wonderful pieces of work. We have really enjoyed reading our class novels too, Kasper: The Prince of Cats and Under the Hawthorn Tree. The children have loved taking part in Drama lessons based on these novels.

5C are very talented, especially in Maths. All children work together in our Maths lessons to achieve a deeper understanding. Some of the topics we have been working on are long division, long multiplication, time and area.

We are a big fan of teamwork in 5C and promote it in every aspect of our learning inside and outside the classroom. The children have had many opportunities to take part in different sports. Some of these sports include Rugby, GAA, Volleyball, Rackard League, Swimming, Athletics, Basketball, Soccer and we are really looking forward to taking part in Dance lessons after the Easter holidays.

We are all looking forward to what the next few months will bring in 5C.


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